Manual Payment + JS at checkout/status page to hand off payment processing to an external provider

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We are wanting to integrate financing as a payment gateway option into the checkout journey. We’ve been advised by a Shopify engineer to add the gateway as a manual payment, effectively just generating the order on Shopify without taking any payment. Then we use JavaScript at checkout/status page in order to hand off payment processing to an external party (the finance provider), returning data back to Shopify via webhook to update the order status appropriately once payment has been confirmed through the finance plugin. The plugin would be JS, and it would be provided to us by the finance developers. We would take care of integrating it into the checkout process. Struggling to understand exactly where this plugin should be added - From my understanding, this would require us to create a Payments app (, is this correct? or would we be able to add the JS plugin elsewhere without having to create an app?

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