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Manual Payment to card payment - via APIs?

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Hi community


I need help!


I have a work flow where the consumer checks out online via a manual payment we set up.

- Manual payment

- Payment pending and unfulfilled order


All good so far and to proceed the order, we go into admin and either 1) click as paid OR 2) pay with credit card at manually type in).


2Qs for the community

1) is there a way to automate the 'admin' part of the order: so we use an API to change the order status when we have managed payment off line (like paid in cash)

2) is there a way to automate the 'admin' part of the order: where we have collected card details and we insert this via API to Shopify's payment processes, without having to manually key enter (please note we are PCI compliant to handle card data we have stored). Even if we have to tokenise first that is fine, just want to automate it.


All help appreciated!




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