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metafield for products not working on the order/paid webhook

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I have added metafield on the products and created a webhook for the order/paid using the graphql.

webhookSubscriptionCreate(topic: ORDERS_PAID, webhookSubscription:{
callbackUrl: "",
format: JSON,
includeFields: [
Using the webhook, When i console.log it is showing metafields on the customers. I am looking for the metafields on the products.

line_items: [
id: 12583870496883,
admin_graphql_api_id: 'gid://shopify/LineItem/12583870496883',
fulfillable_quantity: 1,
fulfillment_service: 'manual',
fulfillment_status: null,
gift_card: false,
grams: 0,
name: 'bc test',
price: '0.00',
price_set: [Object],
product_exists: true,
product_id: 7168562462835,
properties: [],
quantity: 1,
requires_shipping: false,
sku: '',
taxable: false,
title: 'bc test',
total_discount: '0.00',
total_discount_set: [Object],
variant_id: 40872835383411,
variant_inventory_management: null,
variant_title: null,
vendor: 'devztest',
tax_lines: [],
duties: [],
discount_allocations: []




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Hi Pjijin,


The order related webhooks won't have product metafields in their payloads - only product related webhooks will (eg: the product update webhook will allow you to access that products metafields). You may need to make a separate call to the Admin API to get the metafields. What is the specific use case you're looking to achieve here?


Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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