Metafield updates triggering webhook messages

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We have registered webhooks for updates on the following entities; `product`, `variant` and `orders`


We are also using metafields on these entities which are created / updated by third party apps on our store.


If a metafield is added (new data), or updated (value of existing key changed) does this trigger an update webhook message for the relevant entity?

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Hi @itayb!

Any updates to a Shopify resource will trigger the relevant webhook to be sent, including when an object's metafields are set or updated. This can be easily observed by using the setMetafield mutation and listening for the webhook in your app or by using a service like


Note that metafield data, being it's own resource, isn't returned in the webhook payload and requires a query to fetch it. So whether or not you see what the actual changes are depend on your app's access and whether or not the change was made on a private metafield.

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