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I have created an NodeJS-Express app using the Shopify CLI to make an custom app. I registered the  order_paid webhook to get the infomation following the Webhook setup on the github repository  (GitHub Webhook Setup ). I am using the Shopify Rest API to modify the order (Rest API order).  The issue is that i am using another app to preccess the order information, this app retrieves me an Id that I have to put as a metafield but the duo request, response information doesn´t allow me to create an instance to use the node resources to modify the order. I have search for information in others   forums and i haven´t found another alternatives. The process that I´m usin is valid ? or this is not posible for other reasons.  


I would appreciate any idea, hint. I´m stuck in this issue so any advice would be welcome.

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Hi @Julio_Cardenas - thanks for getting in touch. My team, API Support, isn't generally able to help with building apps directly, but we may be able to help out here to see if the API itself is functioning as expected. 

Would you be able to share what the second app you're using is and provide a webhook-ID for the webhook subscription you would have received in a response header from us? I can't guarantee we'd be able to find out what's happening here, but I'm happy to see if we can find anything on our end that may help you out. 


Hope to hear from you soon. 

Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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