My webhook keeps being removed???

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Hi there,

I have added a notification webhook to integrate with other software on order creation. This works for a short time period, then I check back to Shopify, and the webhook has been removed. I've tested and demonstrated this atleast 5 times, and I don't know why this keeps being removed.

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I should add, I've tried going through Shopify support who keep insisting I post here, although - it's quite clearly a shopify bug. I'm making it known in a public forum that i'm totally unimpressed in the support provided by Shopify. 

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Hi @paintingdiamond 


It's hard to say exactly what's going on with your experience without knowing more information however in general, webhook subscriptions will be removed in these cases

  1. you delete the subscription (in the admin for merchant webhooks or through the api for an app webhook subscription)
  2. you make a change to the app scopes and the app no longer has the required scope for the topic you had a subscription to (ex: read_orders gets removed from the app config then you'll no longer be able to get orders/create webhooks)
  3. you are not responding with a success 200 response when we deliver the webhooks and therefore we've reached our maximum failed retries (see

Do you think any of these cases apply to what you're seeing?


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Our app gets these type of notifications ( Your webhook has been removed ).


Our app works perfect but… does Shopify ‘punish’ this with lower rankings in the App Store?



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I have the same problem, @mikedasilva I think you getting it wrong. 
I registred an "order update" webhook via the settings/notifications. The webhook triggers for a few days hundreds of orders and then without any reason the registered webhook is removed from the store.
Also I have a "order create" webhook registered that is not removed and works fine for ever.
How can I find out the reason why a registered webhook is deleted?

regards Kai