Non Receival of Product Updated Webhook

Non Receival of Product Updated Webhook

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We have found a weird case. We updated a product on Shopify using below graphql query:


"query": "mutation ProductUpdateAndInventoryActiveMutations($product: ProductInput!, $variantCount: Int!, $activeInventoryMutation #if($metaTagCount > 0)$deleteMutation#{else}#end) { $activeInventoryMutationQuery #if($metaTagCount > 0) $deleteMutationQuery #end productUpdate: productUpdate( input: $product ) { product { id: legacyResourceId metafields(first: 250) { edges { node { id key value type namespace } } } variants(first: $variantCount) { edges { node { id: legacyResourceId title } } } } userErrors { field message } } }"


And the product was updated on shopify without any user error. PFA below:


image (1).png


But the recieved webhook contains different quantity:


image (2).png


Can we know why we haven't recieved the webhook of the updated quantity from shopify ?
We have also went to shopify admin account to check if the quantity was updated and we found that it was updated.

Can you please share your insights on this ?

Thank you 


Team Shipturtle

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