Not receiving webhook fail email

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I created a custom app and registered webhooks. It works fine.


However, I wanted to ensure I received an email when the webhook failed.


So I registered another webhook with an incorrect URL. A couple of orders were made (topic: orders/create). I expected both orders to trigger failed webhooks and receive webhook failed email to the email address that I registered. It has been 48+ hours, but I am not getting any.


This is my webhook config:

            "id": xxxxDeletedxxxx,
            "address": "xxxxIncorrectURLxxxx",
            "topic": "orders/create",
            "created_at": "2024-02-27T12:21:56-05:00",
            "updated_at": "2024-02-27T12:21:56-05:00",
            "format": "json",
            "fields": [],
            "metafield_namespaces": [],
            "api_version": "2024-01",
            "private_metafield_namespaces": []

The URL should not return 2xx status, instead 404 not found.


I also expect after 48 hours and 19 attempts failed, the webhook should be deleted. But it is still there.


I don't use Shopify CLI or access to the Partners page to see Webhook status and logs.


Can you help me to test getting a webhook failed email?


I am trying to us this email notification to trigger the order synchronization process that I am going to build.

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