Order creation webhooks not being triggered by imported orders.

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We are currently integrating the e-commerce service ChannelEngine to our Shopify space. ChannelEngine allows potential customers to place orders with all kind of different merchants / marketplaces, like amazon, bol.com etc and have those orders be pushed to Shopify. We have been testing the order flow, especially in combination with our external data management system (SAP). The SAP gets the new order information by making use of the "Order creation" event notification webhook in Shopify.


The orders which have been placed on the merchant website have been succesfully imported into our Shopify order list but we don't see it in our SAP. I see in our Shopify environment the message that the order is "... from ChannelEngine (via import)". Is there maybe a reason that orders made this way don't trigger the "Order creation" event? And is there any way for these orders to trigger a webhook that sends similar information to a specified URL?


Thanks in advance! If any more information is required to help with this issue please don't hesitate to let me know.



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Hi! the orders/create webhook is only called for orders made through your webshop. you would probably need to run a script to fetch new data every X minutes.


shopify even advises not to solely rely on webhooks, since sometimes they may end up not being fired: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/webhooks


"Webhook delivery isn't always guaranteed. You should therefore implement reconciliation jobs to fetch data from Shopify periodically."




maybe channelengine also supports webhooks? we have it on our roadmap to add in our order connector app later this year: https://apps.shopify.com/marketplace-order-connector



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