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 We use Uniware to process orders, noticed that the orders that are being cancelled on Unicommerce are not voiding the payment on Shopify. The tags show as pending payment. This is leading to over-reporting of your revenue. Does someone have a solution to this? Inventory and Returns Other APIs & SDKs How Do I

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Hey @Skin_Q 

If you are experiencing issues with orders being canceled on Unicommerce not voiding the payment on Shopify, there are a few steps you can take to address the problem:


  1. Check Integration Settings: Verify that the integration settings between Unicommerce and Shopify are properly configured. Ensure that the necessary permissions and settings are enabled to allow for order cancellation and payment voiding to sync between the two platforms.

  2. Review Payment Gateway Settings: Confirm that the payment gateway settings in Shopify are correctly set up to automatically void payments when an order is canceled. Depending on the specific payment gateway you are using, there may be specific settings or configurations required to enable automatic payment voiding.

  3. Test Order Cancellation: Process a test order cancellation on Unicommerce and monitor how it reflects in Shopify. Check if the payment is properly voided and if the order status is updated accordingly. This will help identify if the issue is with the integration or a specific scenario.

  4. Contact Support: Reach out to the support teams of both Unicommerce and Shopify to report the issue and seek assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the problem you are facing, including any error messages or discrepancies you have observed. They should be able to investigate the issue further and provide guidance or a solution.

  5. Custom Integration or App Development: If the existing integration between Unicommerce and Shopify does not support automatic payment voiding upon order cancellation, you may need to explore custom integration options or develop a custom app to address this specific requirement. Consider consulting with a Shopify expert or developer to assist with this process.

It's important to note that Uniware is now known as Unicommerce. Make sure you are using the latest integration documentation and resources provided by Unicommerce to ensure compatibility with Shopify.

Remember to thoroughly test any changes or updates to the integration before implementing them in a live environment to avoid any unintended consequences.

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