orders/create event not firing

orders/create event not firing

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I used the npm init @Shopify/app@latest command to create a Shopify app and attempted to implement a feature that listens for webhooks triggered whenever a new order is created in the shop.

Thus, I navigate to the shopify.server.js file and include the following code within the webhooks property:

  deliveryMethod: DeliveryMethod.Http,
  callbackUrl: "/webhooks",
  callback: async (topic, shop, body, webhookId) => {
    console.log("--- Order create ---");
    const payload = JSON.parse(body);
    console.log("--- /Order create ---");

And ofcourse, I added to this access scopes inside shopify.app.toml:

# Learn more at https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/tools/cli/configuration#access_scopes
scopes = "write_products,read_orders,write_orders"

When I update a product (have a webhook set up for PRODUCTS_UPDATE), I can see the webhook being successfully invoked. However, when I manually create an order in the orders tab of the dashboard, I do not see any corresponding webhook requests. What could be the issue, and how can I address it?

store test link: https://admin.shopify.com/store/tzionhamuztzim
i go to orders => create order => add product => mark as paid => create order. and nothing!

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Hi Tadmit,


Are you still seeing this issue?

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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yes it's still relevant.
orders webhooks not fired, while product update yes.
do i need to do something else? or this configuration is correct?
what access scope needs to be set for orders_create webhook? and what the process should i do to simulate real event? go to admin and create order via dashboard is valid proess?