orders/fulfilled event is fired twice, one with and one without the tax_exemptions array

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We are building an application to help merchant's track fulfillment behavior, and have noticed that the orders/fulfilled event is being fired twice. It appears that the only major difference between the events is the presence of the tax_exemptions array - in one it is not present, and in the other it is. Is there a reason this is happening, and if so, is this expected? 

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Hey @onera 


Thanks for raising this! I don't believe the presence of the Tax Exemptions array should have a bearing on this. The best way to deduce the reasoning behind this would be to find out what is happening at runtime. To that end, I was wondering if you were logging the x-request-id or x-shopify-webhook-id for these calls? 


The x-request-id can be found in the response headers when Shopify's mutation is called/REST call is made would be named the "x-request-id". We'd typically ask for those x-request-id's from our response headers as trying find out what happened specifically at runtime can be quite an involved process due to many factors (sheer wealth of the platform data, log retention, and so forth).


Additionally, there would also be a x-shopify-webhook-id that would be received at your server when the webhook(s) are fired. 

Feel free to share either (or both!) of these though once you get a minute and I can ensure this gets escalate to the team. Thanks!


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