orders/paid webhook not triggered when order is paid through Collect Payment button

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We experienced an issue about a month ago through the api, where when an existing order was manually marked as paid would trigger the orders/paid webhook. But when an existing order was paid using the “Collect Payment” button workflow on an order through shopify, the webhook would not trigger as it did previously.


We just started testing the same trigger in the Flow App and it is exhibiting the same exact behavior. Only orders manually marked as “Paid” starts the “Order Paid” trigger automation. But the same trigger fails when a customer pays for the order through the “Collect Payment” button where an invoice is sent and the customer pays for the invoice through the shopify payment workflow and the order is marked as paid by the system.


From my understanding, the Flow App is developed by Shopify and utilizes the api heavily to manage automation workflows. Which might indicate something that has happened within the api.


This did not use to behave this way previously as all orders marked as paid whether manually or by the system when collect payment was used would trigger the orders/paid webhook.


Has anyone else experienced this? And is this an intended change by shopify devs or a legit bug?

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Hey @bo2country - thanks for getting in touch, really appreciate your patience here as this does seem like a strange issue. I was able to do some investigation and replication on our end here - and just wanted to clarify, is this only happening on one store? 


If so, one setting that can affect this is if the store has somehow switched to manual payment processing rather than automatic payment processing.   In my testing, the "orders/paid" webhook doesn't trigger if a payment has to be manually captured after a customer has entered their information through the email invoice payment workflow if automatic payment capture has been disabled - just wondering if this could be what's causing the issue?


If you're able to confirm that automatic payment capture is enabled and are still seeing the issue persist, no worries - more than happy to dig into this further with you.


If you're still not seeing callbacks to your webhook subscription URL for these types of orders, could you provide an example X-Shopify-Webhook-Id header for a successful payment where the webhook was triggered as well as a timeline (date and hours if possible) for one that didn't send the hook? This would allow me and my team to do a bit more of a dive into this on our end for you. 


Let me know if I can clarify anything on our end for you - happy to keep looking into this.



Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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