Pass parameters to Shopify and process them further

Pass parameters to Shopify and process them further

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Hi all,


we have a product that customers can activate on an external site after purchase. We would like to try to persuade customers to extend it after a certain period of time.


My first draft of the process looks like this:


  1. Mail goes to customers with code "XYZ"
  2. Customer clicks on the link and comes to our shop (code "XYZ" is passed)
  3. Customer buys product and the given code "XYZ" comes in an email sent after the purchase
  4. Customer can click on the link with code "XYZ" + additional parameters and activate their product again on our external site.

    Here again as a graphic: 

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-15 um 19.32.16.png


So my questions are:


  1. Do I get a Get parameter in Shopify and then to the required places?
  2. Or an app that could do that?
  3. Do you know a provider who implements something like this, if I should fail 🙂

Thank you for your input and your ideas

Best Felix

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