Re: pCon-Planner (OCI-Data) and Shopify

pCon-Planner (OCI-Data) and Shopify

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for a customer I am looking for a solution to "translate" OCI data sent from an iFrame (pCon-Planner) for Shopify and send it to the Shopify cart.


According to the documentation, the pCon-Planner needs a hook URL. However, Shopify does not have this by default, at least not for OCI data. - As far as I understand the support and the forum posts.


Now my question: are there people here who would look at the situation to find a solution here? I have attached a document that describes how it works (Integration from page 7).


Best regards Kai

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Love to hear an answer here from Shopify.


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Also looking for a pCon integration here. Any updates, idea's, ... ?