Please allow app access to store Activity Feed and EventBridge/webhook it

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The admin area is able to access to the graphql Activity Feed to see recent activity.


Please make that an official API for apps to use so we can track all activity within a store.


For example, integrating with a SIEM for alerting on certain conditions and being able to review.


Also having it publish to AWS EventBridge or as a webhook (batched or not) would be nice to not have to poll the API as often.


It looks like the internal API is limited to only the first 250 activity records, it would be nice to increase that with pagination.


If it could also include internal IDs for better references instead of just the name that would be helpful. Eg, right now it only says the name of the theme when an app modified it without any theme ID or reference. It will include the theme name some limited cases, like if an admin changes it.


FYI this has been asked for over the years, with only other solutions like third-party apps. We want to build and manage our own integration for our own in-house monitoring.



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