Post-purchase fulfillment holds

Post-purchase fulfillment holds

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Hi, I'm using a private App to do the fulfillment for my  store, and its working scenario is as follows:


1. the payment is automatically captured;

2. the private App subscribed to the webhook, so we know there is a new order and corresponding line_items;

3. we prepare the goods and start delivery right away;

4. the private App use Admin API to create_fulfillment and update_fulfillment (github/Shopify/shopify_python_api)


now with the Post-purchase fulfillment holds, I'm facing multiple issues:

a. on the above step 2, I presume that "the order and corresponding line_items" may change in a 1 hour time window, but I may not get a new webhook event?  

b. what may happen in that "1 hour"?  my customer can only "add more" to that order, or they can completely change the order?

c. it will fail when the order is "on hold" and I do "create_fulfillment and update_fulfillment",  what will be the best practice?


Thanks in advance for letting me know



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