Scanning Barcodes In Admin

Scanning Barcodes In Admin

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Hi there! Non-Techy here...was sent here from the standard Shopify help desk 🤗.


Scanning Barcodes in the (non POS) admin, is that do-able with any customization? The IOS shopify app has the function to scan a UPC using the 'inventory scanner' (but seriously..who deals with inventory, with a phone!), Stocky has the ability to scan a UPC from a laptop (but Stocky is sucky), I need to scan from the normal admin>Products>Transfers screen.




Example. Say I receive a 30pc replenishment order from a vendor. Surely the Admin has the ability for me to simply scan 30 UPC's into a transfer for a bulk received, rather than manually key in SKU by SKU (how I'm doing it now). I can manually type in the the function's there no? Simply need to have the admin pickup scanning data like the phone does. Cheers.  

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Hey @jamiet there is a technical reason why you can't search for the barcode within the transfers which is that @Shopify has not opened the transfers API (at this time) which would open up the ability to interact with and change the transfers inventory. This could be achieved on the inventory or product admin via a custom app, or to search for products/variants. 


The alternative approach is to make the next step with a warehouse & inventory management system. With a WMS you'd have the ability to place your PO within the system, then track each shipment and scan in the shipment/product as it arrives. An inventory system will also help to forecast and purchase based on order volume and lead times. 



There are a number of other advantages to keeping stock between Shopify and an inventory system. Shopify is primarily an eCommerce storefront platform, not so much an inventory system, so as soon as you can reasonably upgrade, it likely to save your business time and money while also enabling you to grow and expand as volume increases. 


I'm building SKUSavvy for merchants looking to have a simplified all-in-one Shopify inventory system that runs across any device. Sounds like this might be a good fit to help you track inbound purchases, inventory allocation, and bin locations, then it could go on to help with pick-pack-ship processes


It's free to signup, then starts at $10/month, go ahead and give it a shot and let me know what you think.


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