Sending Custom Data to own Server

Sending Custom Data to own Server

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I have a little problem.
At first I hosted a Python Flask Server from my local machine and sent http requests to it from the shopify store.
the data consisted of a textbox where the customer can write words in, which I send over to the python server.
At first it went well, so we moved over to an external server where we host the code.
But now the data is encrypted. 
I read through several documentations and even thought about creating an app to avoid the ecnryption. Therefore i should say that i have 0 experience in this area.

Currently the entire program runs inside the theme editor as a plain js script and the server code is in python.
So the question is:
how do I send the custom written frontend data over to the python server without it being encrypted and without downloading the entire shope theme and code?

If you need any more detail i will provide them 😄

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