Shopify Payments API - Invoice Payments

Shopify Payments API - Invoice Payments

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In Europe payment by invoice is still a huge thing. There are many companies/banks that currently offer payment processing for invoice payments. The image below is for the company Klarna that offers payment processing and invoicing for Shopify.




We have a potential customer (Bank) that already has plugins for other shop systems but would like for us to build a payment gateway to process Invoice payment processing. The issue is that with the new API the line_items will no longer be available during the process making it impossible for them to send the client/customer an itemized invoice. 


This would cause uneccessary confusion for the customer as the invoice would only contain the total amount, the merchant would have to ensure that customer receives the itemized invoice via shopify, while the payment processing side would only have access to the totals..


I can understand that in the USA and Canada that paying by invoice is more the exception than the rule but removing access to the line_items, checkout_id is going to leave a lot of money on the table, and kill quite a few payment providers income streams which of course will remove the revenue sharing part from Shopify as well.


I would be very interested in knowing why this development path was taken and if there is any way for us to keep the invoice payment processing a viable alternative in the future



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