SHOPIFY_WEBHOOK_APP_UNINSTALLED isn't getting fired again

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I am listening to SHOPIFY_WEBHOOK_APP_UNINSTALLED and running a script when this webhook is sent by Shopify.


If I uninstall my app, it works as expected; I receive the webhook from Shopify. However, if I install again and uninstall within 5 minutes, Shopify does not send the webhook. I need to wait about 10-15minutes and do another uninstall before Shopify sends it out again.


Is this an expected behavior? How can I ensure that SHOPIFY_WEBHOOK_APP_UNINSTALLED will be sent whenever I do an app uninstall?

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Hey 🙂


What is your use case for installing / uninstalling an app multiple times within 5 min? It's something we don't expect to happen in a real scenario.

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Hey, @AlexGout.


We were actually flagged by Shopify’s testers. They faulted our app for not downgrading the merchant’s plan in the app in this situation. We have a logic that removes the plans of a merchant upon uninstall and we were wondering why it didn't trigger.


We were able to recreate it when we were testing successively.