Some Time Webhook not triggering

Some Time Webhook not triggering

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Order/create webhooks are not triggering in real time.
We encountered the same problem few days back. Webhooks were not triggering for paid orders then after few hours orders started landing on our system.
We didn't change anything in our code.
It happened again today for both paid and cash on delivery orders

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We are having the same issue! 80% of our order today didn't trigger the Order/create webhook

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We are experiencing the same issue today, the majority of our app users have this issue.

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I am confirming this issue.

Also, mess with products/update webhooks. Sometimes come, sometimes (most of the time) not.

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I've been having the same issue for the past 10+ hours

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I just received a reply on my ticket about this issue - received the usual "we're working on it" message, which is fine, but was then directed to their status dashboard - which appears to show everything as being "normal."


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