Storefront Checkout ID not in Order Object from order/paid webhook?

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At a high level what I am doing is building a Checkout object with the Storefront API, adding items, and then sending a user to checkout. On the backend I have registered a webhook for when the order is paid "completed".


My question, is there a unique piece of information in the Checkout Object that I can look for in the Order/Paid Webhook?


There is a checkout_id in the order webhook payload, but it's not matching any piece of data in the Checkout Object when I log it.


Another way of asking, how do I connect an order before payment to an order after payment?



Chris Allick

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Hey Chris,


When you create the checkout, take note of the ID, it's the encoded checkout_token. You should be able to use this to match the order/checkout.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify