Sync notes and tages from shopify to zoho CRM

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Dear team


There are notes and tags posted by customer on shopify store. We are using ZOHO CRM software and this software is integrated with Shopify. Currently, it is syncing all the data of customers on shopify except tags and notes. So, can you please help us to sync notes and tags from shopify to Zoho CRM? 

FYI- Zoho CRM team has provided below links through which the above requirement can be fulfilled-


Kindly let us know at the earliest. Thank you.
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If you are using an integration created by a third party to integrate with yet another platforms api.

Then it is that third parties responsibility to finish the integration features with the destination platform.

In this case if the integration is created by Zoho to sync it's data to shopify and pull data from shopify, then it is Zoho that needs to make their integration work with shopifys api.



Otherwise you would have to build a custom solution either a custom app, use an scriptable automation app like usemechanic (depending on auth scheme), or a lowcode service like zapier|integromat.

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