Synchronize Shop Inventory (fetch_stock) not updating inventory level

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Hi, we have integrated with the REST FulfillmentService /fetch_stock API however it is not working as expected.

We can see in our server logs that Shopify is requesting the stocklevel every hour, and a well formed response is returned on average within 200ms.

See this SKU for example: gICAuMz3ihaAgICs88C3FICAgNzC_qsU is returned with stocklevel 0, but stocklevel is not changed in shopify. gICAuMz3ihaAgIDcr-uGFICAgNybuLkW is returned with stocklevel 2, again no change in shopify.

Endpoint that shopify is requesting:

Response (shortened):
"gICAuMz3ihaAgIDcr-uGFICAgNybuLkW": 2,
"gICAuMz3ihaAgICs88C3FICAgNzC_qsU": 0,


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