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Test webhook works, But actual event does not fire webhook

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Hi, I am setting up webhooks to update and cancel orders, and though I followed the Shopify documentation and the test webhooks hit the URL properly, creating/updating/cancelling an actual order does not fire the webhook.   When I do the 'send test webhook'  I get the data and can log the headers and test order info.  Right now the page the webhook is hitting simply logs the data and returns a 200- so it is not an issue with the coding of the endpoint. Per this  forum ( I am hoping someone can check the logs and tell me what is going on.   Order ID: 


Shopify URL: 


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Hey @AkGalbraith,


The requests are firing, some retry a larger number of times indicating the server doesn't respond with a 200 (or quick enough). There's also an error returned from your side "local error: tls: no renegotiation".


Try using a service like to debug.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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I'm having the same problem, and believe I have found the source of the problem.  In your SSL, the TLS needs to be version 1.2.

My server is a Windows 2012 server hosted at Rackspace.

Google searches indicate the procedure for editing TLS to ver 1.2  involves editing the registry 

I myself am uncomfortable editing the sever's registry, I'm going to contact Rackspace to see if they can assist me.


Something tells me Shopify probably warned us a few months ago about this needed detail.

My webhooks worked fine up until about 6 months ago.   I think it must have been about that time when Shopify started requiring TLS ver 1.2


I could be wrong about all this, but this is all that I found to help.

Notice that log of attempted webhooks shows "TLS renegotiate"  problem.

Joel Aiken




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One more comment:

My server was having the same webhooks problem,... that of TEST notifications working, but Live Data notifications not working.