Testing Webhook Events for Subscription Billing

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I am currently working on implementing webhook events for my Shopify app and have a couple of questions that I would appreciate your assistance with:


As each merchant configures a different billing cycle in their Shopify backend, I am facing challenges testing the webhook events for subscription billing.


Due to the dev store not approving app subscription fees and our actual store not being on the billing date, I am unable to test if the Shopify subscription webhook sends the actual amount paid by the user to our developer properly. I am specifically interested in testing the following webhook topics:




Could you please guide me on triggering the webhook events for these topics and testing them in a development environment?


Besides, in the context of Shopify subscriptions, I came across the term "Subscription Contract ID." I would like to know if the Subscription Contract ID refers to the same identifier as the Subscription ID. Could you please provide clarification on the relationship between these two terms, if any?


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


Best regards,


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