TIPS (at checkout) needs to exportable as a specific field

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We have a cafe running on Shopify that sells coffee.

We have "TIPS" activated so that the barista can be tipped.

Our shop is connected to Netsuite for accounting purposes using their "Farapp" connector.

TIPS is NOT a specific field that can be brought into netsuite and there is no field that allows us to import tips into our account software a separate entity.


I am not a developer so pardon if I am using the wrong terminology.


My specific question: Is there a TIPS field on Sales Orders that can be connected via external API's?

Is this currently an issue solved by Shopify and something that can be implemented by the accounting software?

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The order object has a total_tip_received (REST) or totalTipReceived (GraphQL) property. That would give you the value you're looking for. Shopify has the data, so seems like a question to pose to the middleware to add support for it.

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