UI Thread Blocking from Webhook?

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Working on an app using the Remix template. Yesterday, I finished setting up a bulk operation to query all orders made to a store on a single day. I also set up a webhook endpoint to process the BULK_OPERATIONS_FINISH webhook response. It seems that during testing I may have created a long queue of bulk operations which have been slowly finishing and hitting my webhook endpoint since yesterday.


I'm wondering if that is related to a new bug I just discovered today, where the button which calls the action function for my app's homepage (the only button in the app) has stopped working. It's as if the button is never clicked at all (the following log no longer shows): 

    const generateDiscount = () => {
      console.log('Action button clicked.')
      submit({}, { replace: true, method: "POST" })
Is it possible for an overload of bulk operations to cause the UI Thread to block? My webhook processing code is all based around async/await so I'm not sure why else the thread would be blocking.
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