Uninstalled app webhook not firing

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Okay, so I've been sat on this for the past 2/3 hours & can't seem to get a solution!


I've subscribed to the app/uninstalled orders/paid and both of them appear when querying the webhooks endpoint with a GET request so I know they created successfully.


The issue is that none of them appear to be firing? when deleting the app I'd expect the app/uninstalled webhook to fire? but I don't get any requests, nor do I see anything within the WebHook Deliveries on my app dashboard?


My App ID is: 6343223

My app/uninstalled Webhook ID is: 1040607576124

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I took a quick look into our webhook delivery logs and discovered that the webhook was triggered for delivery on January 14th, and continued to retry 20 times until January 16th due to a 408 (Request Timeout) responses trying to connect to https://<your host>/shop/webhooks/uninstalled. Error message:

context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

 Hopefully this helps!

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