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I received an email from Shopify containing the following information:


"Hello there,

We’re sending you this email because at least one of your shop webhooks is using a webhook version that will soon become unsupported. Your unsupported webhooks must be updated by a developer before April 1, 2022 to continue working normally.

We encourage you to forward this email to the partner or developer who maintains your webhooks, and have them update your webhooks based on the information below."


Who do I speak with to have this amended? is it the theme developer? I use a paid theme template. Is it an app provider? Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, I got this requast too. Could somebody help me, please? I can not find this "Webhook: app/uninstalled" anywhere.

Thanks in advance, Sanja

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same here, need help to clear this thing 

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Hello, we did get this:


shop: Sähköperämoottori.fi

Webhooks: app/uninstalled
Changes causing interference:

  • force_ssl-field has been deleted Shop REST Admin API -programming interface.
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yeah same here @Markus_H 

Webhook: app/uninstalled
Breaking changes:

  • The force_ssl field has been removed from the Shop REST Admin API.

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It happens exactly the same. Does anyone know what to do? please.


Thank you

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I contacted my theme provider (paid theme) and they emailed back today with the following:

"It is not relevant to us and you can ignore it. Apparently this is an email oriented for developers that Shopify has incorrectly sent to merchants."

So perhaps everyone is fine but of course - let's wait for a response from Shopify..

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Hi all,


Thanks for reaching out about this. LW is correct, this email is meant for developers. No action is required from merchants at this time, so not to worry!



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