Using API to grab orders for past 24 hours

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Hello, I am looking to create a process for my shopify store that I have already created for my woocommerce ones. Behind our estores we have an ERP system that holds all of our open order from all of our orders, not online ones. I wrote a python script that uses the Rest API for woocommerce and I grab all orders form the last 24 hours and put them into a csv that is uploaded to our system to avoid order entry. I am trying do the same with shopify but it is proving difficult. Going through the documentation I set up a private app that provides me with a token, key and secret key. However in the examples and when running my program it is looking for a 'password'. I am not sure where to get this piece of information as it is not being generated on app creation. 

https://{API _Key}:{API_Secret}/{storename}/admin/api/{api _version}/orders.json produces the orders in json form that I want in the web browser but I cannot access them via my python script. Does anyone have any suggestions on what my issue might be or any alternatives that I could try?


-Thank you

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If you are using the REST API, you need to use basic authentication in the request header. You can't use the key/secret in the URL itself.