Web Pixel vs Script Tags

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Hello, we currently use script tags for affiliate tracking to track link clicks and capture conversions on order confirmation. We run into a couple common issues with this in shopify stores...

- The requests are often blocked by ad blockers or browsers with added security.

-  Also we noticed that the script tags load later in the page load cycle and visitors who quickly know where they are going can actually click and navigate to a different page on the store and lose our query string referralId parameter in the URL before the script tag fully loads, meaning we don't get the tracking information.

Do the new web pixel events bypass ad blockers and will it be resilient to people quickly navigating to a different page?

Here's more info on the web pixel function:  https://shopify.dev/apps/marketing/pixels

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I'd love to know the answers to this also as we've been considering to use the web pixel as well.