Webhook API version is not listed anymore

Webhook API version is not listed anymore

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Hi there, I have setup Webhooks for "Order Paid","Product Update" etc events from Admin site. Mostly they were pointing to API version 2020-01 OR earlier. Now when I go and check those accounts, I see that they have selected as "Unstable", also in lot of accounts I don't see earlier saved versions "2020-01". I know that mostly Shopify has releases done each quarter and it also deprecates one earlier version. So I have few questions, If you have documentation page, you can reply to me that way, but do also let me know answers to these separately.

1. Wanted to know what is this "Unstable" version and why its getting selected each time I open any of my previous setup?

2. If a version becomes deprecated, do I need to change all of my setups each quarter? Is there some automated way of doing this? If I have 50 clients and I can change one value somewhere and that API version gets used for all accounts.

3. I read somewhere and you can tell me if that is correct: "If I pointed my webhooks to 2020-01 version, now at 2021-04, the version 2020-01 becomes deprecated. Hence It will now be removed from the listed versions. But will my webhooks automatically point to earliest supported version"?  If this is YES, then why all my accounts are pointing to "Unstable" from that drop down.




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Hey @KellyTM,

You asked some great questions about webhooks and the unexpected behaviour you and your clients are facing. I would be more than happy pass on some insights, however our team is unable to provide authenticated support for store related issues from these forums at this time. 

Moving forward, I might suggest managing webhooks with the Admin API, which allows developer more control over creating and updating webhooks. Additionally approaching a future build as a public or custom app would allow access to more advanced webhook delivery metrics, logs and API health reporting tools. A developer or merchant would be responsible for updating webhook versions, and the resources above elaborate on tools and best practices for doing so.

Lastly to answer your third point, you are correct as our documentation states: "When your selected API version becomes unsupported, Shopify falls forward to using the next supported stable version" - (more here). In cases where webhooks and webhooks tools aren't functioning as expected, but have been setup from a merchant admin (settings>notifications) we would suggest contacting Shopify Support directly so someone can get authenticated and take a closer look. 

- Best!

awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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