Webhook behavior for APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE topic on uninstall/reinstall

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Hi all,

Can anyone help shed light on the behavior for APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhooks when an app uninstalls or reinstalls?

My guess:


One final payload is sent with the status of "CANCELLED". Otherwise, to update the subscription status internally, an app would need to add scope to an app uninstall webhook, which is not ideal.


An app must create a new webhook even if one was previously created and active before the most recent uninstall.


Thank You.

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Hey there,

On an uninstall the app/uninstalled webhook is sent out, on reinstall, you're correct, you'd create a new webhook because the subscription will be deleted

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Thanks @mrad. To confirm, currently, Shopify will not send data to the APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhook with status as "CANCELLED" when the app is uninstalled? Anyhow, will be able to test soon enough and will reply back with findings.