Webhook doesn't work after deployment

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I have a Shopify Remix application (created by template) and it has been subscribed to two topics: APP_UNINSTALLED and ORDERS_PAID.


During my local testing webhook works. I've tested it by performing the actual Order Purchase on dev store.


After I deployed my app to the server and replace the app url in in the partners/configuration page, webhooks are not send anymore.


I've tested it by triggering webhook using `npm run shopify webhook trigger` and it works, which means that everything's fine with my webhooks.


The problem is that webhooks are not send when perform actual event on dev store. Seems like webhoohs are not successfully registered. What could be an issue of this? I also tried uninstall/install the app.


Again, the same code works locally. 

All env vars are present on server as well.


Additionally, I was facing the same issue during local development and reseting helped: `npm run dev -- --reset`


Is there anything I can do for my app running on server?

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