Webhook events for carts and orders without a consistent cart token

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Our app subscribes to webhooks for the topics carts/create, carts/update, orders/create and orders/paid and we group webhook events that we receive together for a specific session using the cart token field that is present in these event payloads.

However, we find for some sessions that the orders/create and orders/paid events do not contain a cart token.

Other community discussions suggest that this is due to the order completing with an external payment gateway, e.g. https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-sdks/cart-token-is-null-in-majority-of-orders-in-we...

Is this the reason for this behaviour that we are seeing?

If so, is there an alternative data field that can be used across these webhook events to enable them to be correlated at a session level or any expectation that this behaviour will change in a future release?

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Hey, were you able to get an answer for this?