Webhook orders/paid not fired on partially refunded orders paid by gift card

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I have an app for a customer that uses the orders/paid webhook to be notified whenever an order is paid. This allows us to import the order in our system.

However, they use a gift card system, and for these orders it seems the webhook orders/paid is never fired. The order status becomes "partially_refunded". Why is the orders/paid webhook not fired? Is there a way around this?


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Hey @victor75 

Do you have an example order ID you can share?

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hey @SBD_ 

Sure, here are some examples: 3644438577333, 3645520445621, 3647273337013

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Hello, I'm having the exact same problem, we're not getting webhooks when the orders are paid with a gift card, is there a work around for this?