Webhook orders/updated arrives before or after orders/create webhook within a second.

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I have created a new store with Dawn theme. My app is a standard Shopify/Remix app hosted in Fly.io.


When I make a purchase - create an order in my new store -  'orders/updated' webhook arrives before or after 'orders/create' webhook within milliseconds from each other.

The store is new, no customization that would update the order automatically.

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Hi Sergiy,


Ordering of webhooks isn't guaranteed between different topics for the same resource. For example, it's possible that a products/update webhook might be delivered before a products/create webhook (see this limitation in our docs).

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam,


yes, I am aware of that, there are many posts even in this forum about the order of incoming webhooks.


My question was about the fact that  'orders/updated' webhooks come even if orders were not updated - only created. As a matter of fact, I even removed the processing of  'orders/create' webhooks in my app at all, and left the 'orders/updated' and everything works fine: I create an order in my store, and my app processes it even without  'orders/create' webhooks.


Thanks, Sergiy.