Webhooks and app development

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I need some help according to webhooks and app development.

We need to connect our third party payment provider so they can get the orderinformation. This is because we need to match payments with orders automatically. I did get a step by step guide but I still get stuck with webhooks. Maybe someone here can help me out? 

This is the step by step guide:

  1. Create a custom app in Shopify: First, you need to create a custom app in your Shopify store. To do this, go to your Shopify admin panel, click on 'Apps', and then click on 'Develop apps'. Follow the instructions to create a new app.

  2. Use Shopify Webhooks: Shopify provides webhooks that can be used to get notified when specific events occur, such as order creation. In your custom app, subscribe to the orders/create webhook. This will allow your app to receive the order data, including the order number, when a new order is created.

  3. Integrate with Svea Checkout API: To send the order number to Svea Checkout, you'll need to use the Svea Checkout API. First, sign up for an API key from the Svea Checkout website. Then, in your custom app, use the API key to authenticate and interact with the Svea Checkout API.

  4. Send the order number: When your custom app receives the order data from the webhook, extract the order number and other relevant information. Then, use the Svea Checkout API to create a new order, passing the order number and other required data.

I do understand how to create an custom app and I know where to create a webhook, but I'm getting stuck when it comes to what URL the information should be sent to. And how do I then connect the webhook with an custom app and then connect the app to Svea Checkouts API?

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Hi Sebastian,

In this case, it looks like Svea is asking you to build an app to process the information from the Shopify webhook, and make API calls to their service in order to create new orders.

If you're a developer, this should be fairly straightforward. If you aren't a developer, you may want to think about hiring one through a service like Shopify Experts to build this integration for you.

Hope this helps!

Shayne | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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