Webhooks not subscribed no matter what I do

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Hi community, how are you? I'm trying to develop an app using remix "npm init @Shopify/app@latest".


The app is vinculated with my develop store and with npm run dev it can be installed in my partners dashboard.


Now, what do I have to do in order to subscribe the webhooks? I mean literally in my partner's webhooks metric it says "100% failure" even at the app/uninstalled webhook, I tried putting more scopes, setting a few more webhooks like ORDERS_CREATED following the same format as APP_UNINSTALLED, I updated the webhooks.js file so they can be registered and nothing happens, what should I do in order to register that one and others and test them? I can see that we are a lot of developers fighting with this issue, isn't there any youtube tutorial updated? The only way I could register a webhook is through this mutation:

"mutation webhookSubscriptionCreate($topic: WebhookSubscriptionTopic!, $webhookSubscription: WebhookSubscriptionInput!) { webhookSubscriptionCreate(topic: $topic, webhookSubscription: $webhookSubscription) { webhookSubscription { id topic format endpoint { __typename ... on WebhookHttpEndpoint { callbackUrl } } } } }",
variables: {
webhookSubscription: {
callbackUrl: `${MY_URL}/webhooks`,
format: "JSON",
But this means that I have to create my own app and do my own authentication process.
There are several people asking the same thing but the answers don't tell me much.
Thank you!
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