What events trigger the inventory_levels/update webhook?

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What events trigger the `inventory_levels/update` webhook?

There's not much information on the webhooks reference page and I imagine this can be triggered by a diverse array of events.

I can think of the following 

  • Order is placed
  • Order is fulfilled from a location that was different from the location initially selected by Shopify (I'm guessing that this would result in 2 InventoryLevel webhooks firing. Is this correct?)
  • InventoryLevel is updated via the API or the Shopify Admin UI

Does this look correct? Am I missing anything else?

Thank you

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Hey there, yes that's correct, the update will fire whenever inventory is updates manually through the API/admin or automatically as you mentioned. The webhooks reference doesn't have much info, but there's info on inventory levels here

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Thank you for the reply @mrad

Was my list of events exhaustive then for the events that trigger the inventory_levels/update webhook?