What exact time Shopify takes to trigger product's create/update webhook after certain action.

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I am registering Shopify webhooks programmatically. But i am getting these webhooks after so much delay like 1 hour or sometimes even more. Is there any specific time which Shopify takes to trigger these.


Any kind of help will be appreciated!

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Hi @monika-mni 

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As specified by Shopify:


Your app should not rely solely on receiving data from Shopify webhooks. Since webhook delivery is not always guaranteed, you should implement reconciliation jobs to periodically fetch data from Shopify. Most query endpoints support both the created_at_min and updated_at_min filter parameters. These filters can be used to build a job that fetches all resources that have been created or updated since the last time the job ran.

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It can be somewhat helpful to provide some details. You say you are registering webhooks programmatically. OK. Great. Can you provide which ones you subscribe to? When you say there is a delay like one hour, which specific webhook is delayed by an hour? Or more?

As per the other comments, it is true, while webhooks are reliable, they are neither instantaneous, nor a guarantee. They are pretty good though. Having used them since they started, I can't really remember them ever taking hours except in exceptional circumstances where Shopify suffered from some internal issues with infrastructure.

Any info you can provide could be helpful.

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