Will triggering DELETE Customer API trigger GDPR webhooks?

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I have a self developed app that triggers "DELETE Customer" API to automate GDPR compliance. Will this cascade to other apps installed in my Shopify store and trigger the GDPR Mandatory Webhooks (customers/redact)?

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Hi, @ttan228!

Webhooks allow apps to stay in sync with Shopify data or perform an action after a specific event occurs in a shop. They are triggered for all specific events within your store.

It turns out that if something happens inside your store it triggered a certain webhook, accordingly all your installed applications will receive the 'customers/redact' webhook and react to it.


NOTE: Webhook delivery isn't always guaranteed. You should therefore implement reconciliation jobs to fetch data from Shopify periodically.

Still, Shopify docs say that webhooks may not come always guaranteed. Be careful.

Hope I helped you, have a nice day! 😉

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