Your app must subscribe to the orders/edited webhook

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Our app was rejected on review because of order/edited webhook subscription.


I see in the log that last time we subscribed to it.

> {"webhook":{"id":1105332404387,"address":"https:\/\/\/api\/0.1\/integrations\/shopify\/webhooks\/ordersedit","topic":"orders\/edited","created_at":"2021-12-21T19:35:06+08:00","updated_at":"2021-12-21T19:35:06+08:00","format":"json","fields":[],"metafield_namespaces":[],"api_version":"2021-07","private_metafield_namespaces":[]}}


But we did it async (3 seconds after installation in this case).
So I just wanted to clarify, how does review technically go? Is it some autotests or doing manually?

Is it possible that 3 seconds delay in subscription goes to missing webhooks?


Review 50622.

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