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I have only 1 shop that sells up to 100 products, however I am not able to store much inventory due to space constrain. As such i store my products at 20 different warehouses across the country. When there is an order I would ship the item nearest to my customer. How do I track all these inventory of each individual warehouse, from adding in new inventory, transferring inventory between warehouses. I need a app that could help me track all the inventory.

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Hey there!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! I'd be happy to suggest a few different options for your inventory managing needs.

Shopify does offer multiple locations, however the maximum number of locations available to your store depends on the plan you're on:


Shopify Lite - 3
Basic Shopify - 4
Shopify - 5
Advanced Shopify - 8
Shopify Plus - 20 (Contact Plus Support if you need more than 20 locations.)


If your sales are high, you might want to consider our Plus plan, but if you're on any of our other plans you can take a look at some external software such as TradeGecko or Zoho Inventory. You can also have a look into one of our ship apps to manage inventory and shipping, like ShipStation or ShippingEasy. These apps do require Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) to be enabled onto your plan, which is included in the Advanced plan. If you're on the Basic or Shopify plan, it can be added for free if you switch your billing period to annual - which will also save you 10% annually. If you'd rather stick to monthly billing for now, then you can add it to your existing plan for an additional $20/month USD. To enable CCS on your plan, you'll need to contact our Shopify Support Team.


I hope this helps you find a suitable solution for your inventory needs. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Ryder A. | Social Care @ Shopify 
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check out the bellow  ship apps to manage inventory and shipping,  ShipStation and  ShippingEasy.

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Hi @nickrobot 

Dropshipping Inventory Warehouse Companies:





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