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10,000 order backlog after buying store on marketplace exchange, what can I do??

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I purchased a drop shipping store on the Marketplace Exchange.  I went through all of the due diligence, and all orders were marked as fulfilled, revenue and visitors verified by Shopify, so I considered everything accurate.


Little did I know that fulfilled did not mean delivered, and that only about 10% of the orders actually have been delivered, with many as far back as April 1st.  We've begun refunding any purchaser that asks to protect the brand (which is taken out of the previous store owner's account), but is there anything else you'd recommend?


Thank you!

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Hi @waterwipes123 


The supplier dispatched 90% of orders? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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They dispatched all 100% of the orders, but 90% haven't been delivered yet,
and 80% are over 5 weeks since shipment.
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Yeah that's the problem when you can physically mark an order "fulfilled" on the Shopify side without it actually shipping, which is apparently what the seller did intentionally to make the store look complete.