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About to give up - Google Merchant suspensions

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Just hoping for some inspiration or any advice, before I close my account. Spent way too much time and money to carry on with no cause.

Here is the site I have, drop shipping products (I know, not amazing but was still work in progress!)


After two days of my store being live this year, I sold 2 products via Google PPC. Great I thought, finally found a nice niche and fun project to do. I was very wrong. Days later Google suspended my Google Ads and Merchant store. "Misrepresentation" was all I was given, so I set about hiring someone to help me fix the products I believe were the issue. 

Many tries later, purchasing product ID numbers and spending hours, the Merchant account was put into cool off, then eventually suspended permanently. I am now on my second Merchant account for the website, same issue, merchant suspended for the same vague details and not being actually told what I need to fix! So frustrating!


So, how do people drop ship and get that through Google then? What is it I have not done that they don't like?

I've been told by someone that my efforts with this store from now on are pretty much useless, as once banned, you are always banned, but I thought I would ask for advice here before I close my Shopify account for good.


Hoping for some advice, thanks.

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Hello @Smicker39 

Did you try normal google text ads? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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You can find more information on Google bans in this thread in the official support forum of Google.  You can also reach out to their ads helpline

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Generally drop shippers that fail are due to low quality content, the lack of care in setting up a true business, following industry standards etc... I help a lot of merchants and found the most common comment is, I watched this youtuber, they can do it, so why can't I. These guys on YouTube are like the radium drinks, claiming to have a miracle drink. But its toxic down to the core.

For example, the most common issue is dishonesty. For example you have a deal of the day countdown, it's fake.

Google does not allow any kind of dishonest practices. Regardless of how small you think the issue is, these so-called tactics, if fake are simply fake.

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Thanks, but second merchant account suspended and also Ads account suspended, so I guess I can’t do any kind of text ads?