About to give up - Google Merchant suspensions

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Just hoping for some inspiration or any advice, before I close my account. Spent way too much time and money to carry on with no cause.

Here is the site I have, drop shipping products (I know, not amazing but was still work in progress!) https://winewinz.com/


After two days of my store being live this year, I sold 2 products via Google PPC. Great I thought, finally found a nice niche and fun project to do. I was very wrong. Days later Google suspended my Google Ads and Merchant store. "Misrepresentation" was all I was given, so I set about hiring someone to help me fix the products I believe were the issue. 

Many tries later, purchasing product ID numbers and spending hours, the Merchant account was put into cool off, then eventually suspended permanently. I am now on my second Merchant account for the website, same issue, merchant suspended for the same vague details and not being actually told what I need to fix! So frustrating!


So, how do people drop ship and get that through Google then? What is it I have not done that they don't like? https://winewinz.com/

I've been told by someone that my efforts with this store from now on are pretty much useless, as once banned, you are always banned, but I thought I would ask for advice here before I close my Shopify account for good.


Hoping for some advice, thanks.

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Hello @Smicker39 

Did you try normal google text ads? 

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You can find more information on Google bans in this thread in the official support forum of Google.  You can also reach out to their ads helpline

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Generally drop shippers that fail are due to low quality content, the lack of care in setting up a true business, following industry standards etc... I help a lot of merchants and found the most common comment is, I watched this youtuber, they can do it, so why can't I. These guys on YouTube are like the radium drinks, claiming to have a miracle drink. But its toxic down to the core.

For example, the most common issue is dishonesty. For example you have a deal of the day countdown, it's fake.

Google does not allow any kind of dishonest practices. Regardless of how small you think the issue is, these so-called tactics, if fake are simply fake.

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Thanks, but second merchant account suspended and also Ads account suspended, so I guess I can’t do any kind of text ads?