Accounting HELP! Multiple fulfillers?

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I'm in way over my head with accounting. I have small shirt shop that I use two different drop shipping fulfillers for. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to figure out my number since shopify has its own analytics, each fulfiller app has its own, and then if I happen to put a direct order into one of the apps instead of through my website (for example- samples or ordering for influencers or giveaways), my numbers between the three are all over the place. I dont have a separate bank account or credit card for my business than my personal so I get so confused trying to set up something like quickbooks and excel makes my brain hurt. What can I do??

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I strongly recommend you to talk to an experienced accountant. It seems like it could be an easy setup, but it is not. Your stats with fulfillers need to be analyzed and compared. Information might be correct, but you can't figure out the right report, or something else is going on there that doesn't show the right picture. As for the bank account, even if you don't want to set up a sole proprietorship, in the least, go to the bank and set up a separate chequing account and use it exclusively for business. This way, at least, you will have a cleaner reporting picture. The more you delay this, the more you'll pay to an accountant who'll be doing the cleanup later. The same goes for bookkeeping software - set it up asap. If it "makes your brain hurt", definitely hire someone to help you - you'll earn more in the long run.

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I would suggest using Wave Accounting (it's free) and getting a business checking account and credit card and keeping everything separate.

I have several smaller bookkeeping clients I use Wave with, and you can sync your bank and credit card to Wave at it will pull all entries in for you.

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I would recommend you use Wave Accounting (it's free) and getting a business checking account and credit card and keeping everything separate..

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Hi @gmlc19 

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